Division of Continuing and Extended Education

Micro-credentials and Certificates

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Welcome to the Division of Continuing and Extended Education (DCEE), where lifelong learning is at the core of everything we do. We are a division of Cleveland State University dedicated to designing innovative learning opportunities through certificates and certifications for adult learners. Whether you are a displaced worker seeking a new career, a professional who needs license retention CEUs, a high school student looking for a career track, or anyone else who wants to continue their learning at any point in their lives--we have the right opportunity for you.


Micro-credentials and Certificates

College of Arts and Sciences  World Languages Continuing Education
College of Health School of Nursing Continuing Education
Health Disparities Professional Certificate
College of Law Continuing Legal Education
Levin College of Public Affairs and Education CASAL (Counseling, Administration, Adult Learning)
Center for Emergency Preparedness
Educator Professional Development
English as a Second Language (ESL)
Levin School of Urban Affairs Professional Development
Monte Ahuja College of Business  Professional Development Center
Events Catalog for Registration
Washkewizc College of Engineering Smart Manufacturing Certificates
Workforce Development Certificate Directory
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For information on undergraduate and graduate certificates, please click HERE.

Workforce and Corporate Development

Cleveland State University also provides businesses and organizations with the skills and knowledge to build a company culture that enhances your organizational presence, creates high-functioning teams, inspires employees to feel connected, and helps your company deliver on its mission. In an Industry 4.0 world, where everything is always changing, having an education and training partnership with Cleveland State guarantees a real return on investment.

Contacts for Workforce and Corporate Development at Cleveland State University.

Division of Continuing and Extended Education (university partnership inquiries and workforce development)
Nancy Pratt, Ph.D., Executive Director 
216.875.9710 | n.pratt@donronbooks.com

Beth E. Mooney Center for Transformative Leadership
Shilpa Kedar, Executive Director
Co-Executive Director, IoT Collaborative
216. 687.9310 | s.kedar@donronbooks.com

Center for Public and Nonprofit Management, Maxine Goodman Levin College of Urban Affairs
Levin College of Public Affairs and College of Education
Rob Ziol, MPA, Director
216.687.3509 | r.ziol@donronbooks.com

Centers for Outreach and Engagement, Monte Ahuja College of Business
Colette Hart, Senior Director
216.687.4750 | c.hart@donronbooks.com

Diversity Institute, Levin College of Public Affairs, and College of Education
Ronnie Dunn, Ph.D., Executive Director
216.523.7292 | r.dunn@donronbooks.com

Emergency Preparedness Center, Levin College of Public Affairs, and College of Education
Bernie Becker, Ph.D., Director
216.875.9860 | b.becker64@donronbooks.com

For more information, please contact wkfcedev@donronbooks.com or call 216-875-9731, or complete this form: Information Request